10 Evergreen Songs of Junaid Jamshed Will Never Forget


Junaid Jamshed is the leading and well known pop singer and he released many songs. His various songs got the tremendous popularity and they are still on the tip of the tongue of many people. He, then turned to the religion and started preaching of Islam. He also started Naat Khawani and he released various well known Naats during his life time. He went to Chitral on the religious tour with his wife and spent some days among the people and addresses with various religious congregations. He completed his religious tour to the area and was on board with his wife in the unfortunate air plane of PIA, which was crashed on his way to Islamabad. The one engine of the plane stopped working during the flight and the plane went out of control and it struck against the mountains near Abbottabad.

This tragic incident was occurred on Wednesday in which 47 people were died. Junaid Jamshed was the renowned scholar and he got fame in the religious field and he also toured to foreign countries for the preaching of Islam. He was born on 03 September 1964 and he completed his engineering education from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore. He also pursued his professional career in music in 1980 after formation of his music band, Vital Signs. He sang many songs during his career but his song, Dil Dil Pakistan got so much popularity that it is called the unofficial national anthem.

1.      Dil Dil Pakistan

This song was released in 1987 and most of the people liked this song, Dil Dil Pakistan. Since its release, there is no decline in the popularity of this song.

2.      Ye Shaam

This song fascinated the people for long time after its release in 1983.

3.      Sanwali Saloni

This song has its own beauty as it praised the beauty of sanwali women. This song has presented the true concept of beauty, and he made the new trend in the singing as this color is common among male and female in our country.

4.      Aitbaar

Junaid Jamshed showed his artistic sense in this song, Aitbaar and it got so much popularity that various other singers are still remaking and reusing it.

5.      Us Rah Par

The most melodious song, Us Rah Par was released in 1999 and it spellbound the people due to its wonderful sense of music.

6.      Woh Kaun Thi

Junaid has released the light track in form of this song, Who Kaun Thi and it got the tremendous success.

7.      Tumhara Aur Mera Naam

Tumhara Aur Mera Naam, song is considered the most romantic song and people still remember this song, which was released in 1998.

8.      Tum Mil Gaye

Tum Mil Gaye is the most popular and wonderful song, which gained popularity and it remained in the memories of the audience.

9.      Aisay Hum Jiye

This song, Aisay Hum Jiye is the rich tribute of Junaid Jamshed to the armed forces and he showed his love and attachment with them.

10.    Aankhon ko Aankhon Ney

This song, Ankhon Ko Ankhon Ney is the track, which has been on the playlist for many years. This song got the popularity since it was revealed among the audience.


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