100 Mb Broadband in Pakistan by PTCL


Pakistan telecommunication Company Limited has announced that they will offer broadband services in limited areas including Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. They will offer these services on different rates, which are calculated and stated in the brochure. The company has issued this brochure and mentioned the broadband services with high speed at the charges mentioned against each:

  • Service of 4 Mbps                   -           Rs.2,999/-
  • Services of 6 Mbps                 -           Rs.5,999/-
  • Services of 8 Mbps                 -           Rs.7,999/-
  • Services of 10 Mbps               -           Rs.10,999/-
  • Services of 20 Mbps               -           Rs.13,499/-
  • Services of 50 Mbps               -           Rs.15,999/-
  • Services of 100 Mbps             -           Rs.25,999/-

PTCL has presented different packages and it provides unlimited services and on-net calls of Smart TV which is absolutely free. PTCL charges the installation service with Rs.15000 at one time only. The packages being offered by the PTCL are mentioned above and you can choose the package according to your demand and necessity. It you want to work at home then the most economical package is 10 Mbps but if you have medium or large size entrepreneurs then package of 50 Mbps will be suitable for you.

This broadband service has been provided in Islamabad inclusive of Blue Area and F-11. The services are provided in these areas on trial basis and the detail of the provision of services is limited. The internet users can obtain further information along with its deployment from the corporate sales staff of PTCL.


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