4 Interesting and Unknown Uses of Google Chrome


4 Interesting and Unknown Uses of Google Chrome

4 Interesting and Unknown Uses of Google Chrome

Internet Explorer could not change itself with time which brings its downfall but Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are still alive with new features. Few unknown and interesting tips about Google Chrome are presented here.

Google was launched in 2008 and it has advanced much since then due to introduction of several new and amazing features. Following are few among these.

Official and Personal Use of Chrome

We have different bookmarks, logins and browsing information in our homes and offices. But you can have different profiles of browsing in Chrome which is similar to MAC OS and Windows. Its procedure is given below.

Go to ‘Settings’ from the top right corner of Chrome and then add ‘Person’ through ‘Manage Other People’ option. Your profile is still there but you can go to another account where you can write your name and add a picture.

You can adjust the bookmarks, web apps and logins easily after creating an account. Now you can select any account from top right corner and you can open two accounts separately in two Chrome windows. You can select these profiles for multiple platforms like phone and window.

Chrome’s new Canary Version

Most of the people use ‘stable version’ of Chrome but it has 4 different versions. Google’s Canary version has new work daily which is immediately available to your browser. This can produce several problems and bugs but the version is liked by developers.

It has the advantage that new features that are not available at the stable version of Chrome can be seen and tested here. A change in stable version Google occurs after around every one and a half months but it happens daily on Google Canary. You can experience this version by visiting ‘chrome release channel page’ and select the browser version of your choice.

 Augmentation of Address Bar

Google’s Address bar is known as ‘Omni Box’ but it can perform several other services apart from being a search bar to type web addresses. You can not only use to search directly on Google but you can also search a password of any site from this bar which can later be used for any URL and website.

Open different Files in Chrome

Apart from being a web browser, you can also open different files on Google Chrome. It directly shows photos, PDF and other files but you can also run a video or audio file on Chrome by drag and drop it on Chrome when it is open.


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