4 Reasons You should update your iPhone


Recently on Monday, iOS 10.3 was revealed by tech giant Apple which is the latest version of its mobile operating system. This version is mostly concerned with security issues but there are also several features to enhance iPhone experience.

4 Reasons You should update your iPhone

4 Reasons You should update your iPhone

Following are few of those updates that will force you to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 10.3 as early as possible.

More storage space

In the latest version, Apple File System (APFS) with 64 bit architecture support will replace the older HFS+. It is quite a smart and efficient system as it makes the new OS to take less space while storing volume as compared to previous system.

This will provide you larger space on your iPhone. Depending on the total storage capacity of the device, the storage space has been increased from 2 GBs up to 8 GBs.

Find my AirPods

People using latest wireless headphones from Apple will find this feature most useful. A special ‘Find my AirPods’ tool is present in this latest OS. This tool allows users to find their Airpods by either sending a loud ping single for tracking their location or showing the last location they were paired.

Weather in Maps

At the bottom right screen corner of the latest iOS 10.3, a new weather icon is available. The users can take a glimpse of whether in the area they are navigating through these latest maps.

You can make the experience flawless after mixing weather app with Apple Maps.

Apple ID profile

At the top of the settings menu, iOS users can see a new profile section with their complete account information. In just a single place, now you can get together information from iTunes, iCloud, Family Sharing and App Store along with the list of Apple devices connected to the accounts.



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