60 Apps Host Vulgar Pictures Showing Virus


California, The software experts have exposed that there are over 60 apps, which have the virus to show the indecent and vulgar pictures, when they run. These apps were installed and they have the virus (malware) and these apps show the objectionable and porn advertisements and all these programs were present on the Google app store and now they have been removed from there.



Among them, most of the apps were made for the children and they have been downloaded millions times. A malware virus is present in these apps, which has the title of ‘adult swine’, which shows the vulgar pictures and it forces the people to buy their expensive programs for their security. But most of the programs are fake. Google said on this occasion that it has removed all these apps from its play store.

There is most popular game, Mine Craft, which also hosted such virus and this virus was also present in the apps having the characters of Disneyland. When  these apps start working then the advertisements of the objectionable and fake servers are appeared and now Google has cleared its Google play from such apps and it has suspended the account of the developers, who have prepared such apps.



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