A Software that convert drying in photos


The experts of Radboud University of Holland have introduced such algorithm which can change the hand-made sketches to camera photos.

Nowadays, “Prisma” mobile app is getting fame which converts the camera pictures to art pictures but in the coming time, the software made on this algorithm will also help police to arrest criminals along with increasing the beauty of art galleries.

This can be used to change the art samples in real pictures but it is most important in criminal procedures. Currently, sketches of accused are made by taking help from the people present at the scene but these are quite vague and mostly it’s difficult to recognize the criminals but now the criminals can be recognized easily with the help of this algorithm after conversion of the sketches in photo while it will provide facilities to the eyewitness also.

To train the algorithm, the sketches of real photos of several thousand people from different databases were compared after which this algorithm was enabled to convert any sketch to photograph correctly. Now the experts are busy to prepare a software based on this algorithm which would prove useful for both art galleries and police department.


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