Alcatel Now Supports Multiple WhatsApp & Social Media Apps


Now, you can run separate WhatsApp accounts for each number on your dual SIM Android phones and the service is provided by TCL Communication. This new app like functionality is available on Alcatel dual SIN smartphones with Android marshmallow after which people with two WhatsApp accounts for different numbers don’t have to carry two devices or sign in/out of their accounts.

Now, it is possible to run two different WhatsApp accounts for your personal and work number simultaneously on a single dual SIM phone from Alcatel. On the newly launched Alcatel POP 4 6” top phablet, this feature is already present. The phablet include 6” IPS FHD display, fingerprint recognition technology and a metal design. New Alcatel smartphones will launch this year in which this facility will be provided.

Apart from WhatsApp, several other social media apps like twitter, Facebook and Instagram Messenger will also be supported by this app cloning feature. This feature is very important if you are running two businesses from one smartphone or have different account for personal and professional reasons. But this option is not mandatory as you can choose to run single soicla media account from your dual SIM phone.

VP at Alcatel Middle East & Africa, Ruediger Odenbach, told that lots of people are now using top services like WhatsApp while many among them require multiple social media accounts on their dual SIM phones.

He added that WhatsApp messages and calls from both SIMs on one phone can be accessed without signing out of one account with this new solution. This feature will provide user experience to the customer that will help to brings ease in their lives.


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