Android Facebook Messenger will Support SMS


David Marcus is the Vice President of Messaging Products at Facebook and he has made an announcement that the Messenger is providing with new features for Android version.

SMS integration

In the Messaging products at Facebook, the new feature is introduced, which helps to send SMS from Messenger. This feature will allow the users to focus on messaging on one app and they do not use separate apps for sending message and instant message.

He further commented that it is the major new feature for the Messenger on the Android and the users can send and receive their message from Messenger and now they can have one integrated place for messaging.

In this version, the usual options in SMS apps is present and Messenger helps the users to send their stickers, voice clips, and they can also help to share location through SMS. In this version, all these apps are provided for clients and there are no SMS, which are sent to servers of facebook, when the clients look for them for security aspect.

He also said that there is huge number of texting apps for Android and they did not have enough features and options to provide to the users and they do not let the users to design their Messenger and it will also work with texting apps.

This app will be provided with Messenger exclusive features and it is also added with chat heads and now it is limited for Android. It is expected that this update is released today and it is provided to most of the countries including Pakistan by this Friday.


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