Android Users Find Popular Super Mario Run Game


Tokyo, The leading technology company has introduced the leading and popular game, ‘Super Mario Run’ on the mobile phones to the android users. The company has prepared the mobile version of the game, which will be provided to the android users.

The mobile phone users will find the game on their mobiles, which they can download freely. The company kept the game limited on the mobile phone. If the users do not use internet, then they will play only three rounds of this game and the users with internet connection, they will play all round of this game freely.

Nintendo Company has already developed the mobile application of Super Mario Run in December 2016 for the iPhone users and within 12 hours after its launch, the game broke the record of download maximum in the iPhone. The technology companies are passing popular products of the past through the modernization and they are introducing them once again in the market. Nokia has already introduced the new model of its previous Nokia 3310 and it will be launched in Pakistan in June.


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