Announcement of Most Social Nokia Phone Nokia Asha 205


Claiming it to be the most social Nokia phone ever, Nokia Asha 205 phone has been announced by Nokia.

With single SIM and Dual SIM variants, this Nokia Asha 205 is available.

The messaging and connecting through social networks is made quick and easy, by its QWERTY keypad made in it, as said by Nokia

For superior speed and accuracy, isolated keys and quick access buttons are present in Nokia Asha 205. For the first time on a Nokia phone, dedicated buttons for access to Facebook is even boasts by the phone, making it super social.

Nokia Asha 205 Dual SIM

Nokia Asha 205 Dual SIM

Quickly detecting the nearest Bluetooth enabled device and offering that device the files you will share, all this is done by the new sharing technology from Nokia which is called “Slam,” this debut is seen in the Nokia Asha 205 (and also in the Nokia 206).

By Slam, without any need to pair the two devices, as you have to do with the regular Bluetooth sharing; now instantly the other person can accept and download the file sent by you.

The best part is that Nokia Phone or Slam installed is not even needed to be present by the owner of the other device. All the normal options like social networks and email can be used for sharing by you.

Nokia Asha 205 Dual SIM game apps

Nokia Asha 205 Dual SIM game apps

To make smarter use of the Internet, The Nokia Asha 205 is designed, which rather than guzzling the data down unnecessarily, sip the data as it is asked for. The latest version of the Nokia Xpress Browser is preinstalled, which is quite notable, as this feature reduces data volumes by 90 per cent by using cloud based servers, hence saving owners money. It makes the updating or reading the content you want very quick and easy, because the browser is optimized for social networks and content discovery.

Nokia Nearby will also be found installed by the owners. In order to present a local map and to identify nearby points of interest like cafes or landmarks, the phone makes use of cell-tower co ordinates, while the phone doesn’t have GPS. They will never run out of places to go, as the app shares the massive database of places used in the Nokia Maps.

The unique Easy Swap technology of Nokia comes in the Nokia Asha 205, of Dual SIM variant. Without even switching the phone off, this feature helps you to change one of the SIM cards through the slot on the side of the phone. In the case that you are juggling between several possible options for making calls or using the internet, this phone helps you as it remembers the settings for up to Five SIM cards.


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