Apple Best Designed Apps of 2016


In this year’s WWDC event, Apple has announced its 12 best apps of the year which is a traditional step by the company. There are two student-submitted apps along with ten developer apps in this list.
Games, medical, study and productivity are included in this apps feature. Given below is the complete list.

  • Auxy Music Creation (Free)
  • Chameleon Run ($2)
  • Complete Anatomy (Free)
  • Dividr (student-developed) (Free)
  • dJay Pro ($20)
  • (Free)
  • INKS ($2)
  • Lara Croft Go ($5)
  • Linum (student-developed) (Free)
  • Streaks ($4)
  • Ulysses ($45)
  • Zova (Free)

Lara Craft Go, INKS, Chameleon Run and student apps Linum and Dividr are reh games included in this list.

After Hitman Go, Lara Croft Go is another puzzle game which takes a fast, new formula in a popular series. There are multi-touch and vivid visuals in the automatic runner game ‘Chameleon Run’. INKS send lots of colors and ink after someone is touched and it is similar to the pinball formula.

In Linum, you have to pass the level with minimum possible moves wile this free app has simple goal and interface. There is 3D touch in another simple interface game Dividr.

There are several categories of other games. Both Auxy and dJay Pro are music apps while the latter has won in 2011 and is quite famous due to its multi-device support, Applr technology usage, features and performance.

‘Complete Anatomy’ is a medical app which shows detailed reproduction of human anatomy. This is not exclusive for medical students but it is universal for its brilliant features. You will get 3D touch and a simple interface with video collaboration app ‘’.

You can get an uninterrupted writing experience with ‘Ulysses’ which is a superb writing app. Another good training app is ‘Zova’ which is suitable for fitness guidance. In the last we have another fitness app ‘Streaks’ which puts emphasis on gym and other day to day fitness activities.

Apple’s Swift programming language is supported by most of these apps which gives them freedom and speed. Anyone can use them as they are open-source. Apple also introduced ‘Swift Playgrounds’ at the WWDC through which kids can easily know about coding in a very interesting and funny way.

Apple Best Designed Apps of 2016

Apple Best Designed Apps of 2016



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