Apple Is Working On Unique Smart Case For Iphones


The performance of a Smartphone is usually has two aspects like battery draw and temperature. If heavy tasks are carried out on a phone, it gets hotter which causes the damage of the components and also lessen the performance of the Smartphone. As compared to PCs and laptops the thermals of the Smartphones manage their performance hardly because of smaller and slimmer in size.

To curb with this issue of power and performance of the iPhones Apple is going to use unique smart case for iPhones that will control the thermal of the device. The Cupertino-based giant has issued a design patent for a unique cooling case that uses MagSafe on the iPhone 12 series. By use of this case the CPU of the devices will perform faster even at the hotter temperatures after the detection of this unique case.

The cooling cases provided by Magsafe will enable the iPhones to work faster and it will also perform normally even if the temperature of the devices get increased. MagSafe is limited to iPhones because it is only supported on the Apple’s iPhones.

 The case will be made up of magnets that will produce the magnet field in the case for the detection of the device. After proper detection, the thermal system of the phone will be increased and will make the phone to perform faster. It is also claimed via patent that apple is allegedly aims to work to add more suitable and additional features to improve the cooling system of the phones so that they can work faster and smoothly without raise of temperature.


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