Apple New Waterproof Smartwatch



Apple is the leading company in telecommunication sector and it has developed different laptops and smart phones. Now this company is going to launch two upgraded versions of iPhone and the waterproof smartwatch to enhance its growth to become the technology icon.

The new smart phones of Apple, iPhone 7 and larger iPhone 7 Plus are prepared with the new camera technology, 50 meter water resistance and other features. These were the highlights of these two smart phones, which were unveiled in San Francisco.

These two new devices are appeared in the market, which can help in reverse the declines in sale of the iPhone in the expanding saturated global market and it also boosted the Apple Watch.

The Chief Executive of Apple, Tim Cook said that the new smart phone has the advantage of the new software, iOS 10. He further added that they are going to launch iOS 10, which is the biggest iOS release and various other new features in this handset. The most advanced mobile operating system has the potential to develop the most advanced smart phone. This flagship handset will be provided in the market at about same prices as the model, which is replaced and they are started from $649 for iPhone 7 for US customers. This smart phone will be sold in about 25 countries and the sale of the handset will be started from 16 September.

There is another feature in this handset as there is no headphone jack, which is required audio to be provided through proprietary of Apple ‘lightning’ connector by the wireless.

The vice principal of Apple, Phil Schiller said about the releasing event of the handset that they have designed the lightning as the great audio connector. The company took the headphones in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to lightning and include the box with device. It is also added with the adaptor to allow the consumers to use the wonderful headphones with the iPhone. The smart phone, iPhone 7 Plus is the version of ‘Phablet’ of Apple and it is added with dual camera to increase the optical performance and the photo quality in the handset.

Apple has done total iPhone sales of one billion, which is the top sold in quarter ending June 2015, and it is down 15% from the last year.

Apple did not reveal apps and saved some apps for its launching event of the smart phone. The company has announced the feature of ‘Super Mario Run’ and this is the iconic game character and it is developed specifically for the mobile and it will hit the App Store for this year. The companies, Apple, Nintendo and game maker, Niantic has declared the most popular Pokemon Go and it will be available for Apple Watch users this month. This smart phone has the new Apple Watch Series 2 with the features GPS to allow the people to get the fitness data in outdoor workout and they do not need to take the smart phone with them.

The CEO further added that the shipping of Apple Watch was started 18 months before and to the people all over the world, who are using it in different aspects of their daily lives. Apple did not reveal the sales figures for Smart watch and the survey shows that the enthusiasm has been faded since the release of the handset last year. Apple noticed the drop of the sales of 56.7% in the sale of the device in past quarter.



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