Bluetooth 5 With 2X Speed & 4X Range


Bluetooth Special Interest Group has introduced the next generation of Bluetooth, version 5.0 and now the device makers use the new technology in the wearables, smart phones and the smart home equipment. If you do not get it right away, then it will take 2 to 6 months before entering it into the market.

Improvements in Bluetooth 5.0

It was shown in June and the update in the Bluetooth is supposed to be enhanced with the range by 4 times and it can double the speed of wireless connections over the low energy protocol of Bluetooth. It is used to connect with the devices gadgets like bands, smart watches, headphones etc for long durations. It is one of the biggest bottlenecks for smart watches were the slow connection to the smart phone. The Bluetooth 5 can be taken care of it very easily.

This device has boost in speed and range and SIG claims the Bluetooth 5 will be better to avoid congested wireless channels and it uses the standards like Wi-Fi and LTE to allow the cleaner connection between the devices. The update in Bluetooth is included with 8 x boost to the ‘broadcast message capacity’ of specifications. The Bluetooth lets the wireless beacons to send the relevant data directly to the phone no matter where you are present.

Future Updates

The same cannot be good for the audio quality and even through the users will be able to use the wireless headphones from further away. The people are not expecting any improvement to the audio compression, power use and latency until 2018.

SIG is making plan to add the web networking capabilities to specs in it future update. This update will allow the Bluetooth device to serve as the network-boosting hubs and it can spread the Bluetooth connection by avoiding IoT devices.


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