Choose Best Internet Service Provider in Pakistan


Usually, a singer player is there to provide internet or broadband connection to home in Pakistani market. But now the monopoly of Internet Service Provider (ISP) has been ended by several companies due to their faster connections, better customer support and reliable equipment.

It’s very important to choose a better ISP as it will save your money and time. For this reason, we are providing you few factors that will help you to choose the offer that will provide valuable for your money and time.

Fiber to the Home (FTTH)

FTTH means that the fiber optic comes through the exchange to your home. It is the future of internet as it is more reliable factor as compared to copper because data travels faster in fiber cables. The data is exchanged in fiber connection by using light producing low ping time while the fiber is not affected by electromagnetic disturbances and noise.

High ping times delays communication despite having a high bandwidth. In factors like online gaming, low pings are very important. Despite providing high bandwidth by most of the ISPs, their internet speed is low due to unreliable materials like wireless or copper.

Due to this reason, peak upload/download speeds can’t be maintained for longer and factors like noise also causes disruptions due to which a low speed reliable connection is far better than a high bandwidth unreliable connection.

But it should be remembered that fiber connection is between ISP and user and the slow net at the back end will not improve the overall net. But you can get best possible speed through FTTH.

But FTTH is an emerging market in Pakistan and only few operators are currently offering FTTH. These services are available in metropolitan areas by companies like TES, Stormfiber, Nayatel and Fiber Link.

Underground Network

Underground cable network is the best whether you are using broadband cables, electric cables and telephone cables. In case of presence of FTTH in your area, confirm your ISP that whether their cable network is underground or not. Cables hanging on poles always have problems so always prefer ISPs with underground cables.

An ISP should have at least underground core cable network while permission by local authorities is required before getting the cables underground at user’s home.

Customer Service

After connection speed, the most important factor is customer care as it is necessary to solve any problem quickly. Sometimes customers have to wait for longer duration when they want to consult a representative of an ISP which is really a waste of time. The best thing for the customers is to get the service that minimum time to inform and solve the issue about internet connected affairs.

Triple Play (Internet, TV, Phone)

Nowadays, a famous service is triple play through which you can get all the three services together including internet, TV and phone thorough a single line. It saves you from problem of multiple wires and also saves your money.

Fiber cables are best in this aspect also as they are capable of transferring lot of data that can be used for clear phone voice quality and picture of HD TV. Unlike copper cables, there is no problem of phone disconnections or phone outages which makes them more reliable. The best feature of fiber optic cable is superior picture quality which is required on HD TV.

Are There Any ISPs With Such Offerings?

There is one such service in the country providing all these facilities and it is ‘Stormfiber’. Currently, it is available in just few areas of Karachi and Lahore but hopefully they will expand their service in other parts of the country as well.



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