Developers Made Over $20 Billion from App Store in 2016


App Store developers earned $20 billion in the last year 2016. As compared to 2015, it was an increase of 40% as stated by Apple.

According to the company, the customer purchase made on App Store on 1st of January earned it the profit of total $240 million.

Apple also told about the apps that earned the company most including Pokemon Go, Clash Royale, Monster Strike and Fantasy Westward. On Christmas and New Year’s Day, the most downloaded app was ‘Super Mario Run’. In December, total $3 billion were spent on the App Store by the customers.

Apple’s senior VP of Worldwide Marketing, Philip Schiller, said that 2016 generated 20% billion for app developers that proved it to be the record breaking year while 1st January of New Year proved to be the App Store’s single biggest day ever.

Apple also provided the names of 2016’s most successful independently developed apps including djay Pro, Sweat with Kayla, Lumino City, Procreate, Reigns and Prisma.

Apple also earned $17 million for two campaigns including “Apps for Earth Program” for World Wildlife Fund and “Product (RED) for fight against AIDS.

As compared to 2015, Apple made 74% revenue with apps with subscription fee including, Tinder, HBO Now and Netflix as it remained $2.7 billion.

Apple also told that the users can also install 21,000 iMessages apps in their iPhones. 



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