Donald Trump Symbol of Hatred on Social Media App


Silicon Valley, The US engineers have prepared the app to make two people friend, on the basis of their hatred. It is very interesting that the image of American president, Donald Trump is used at the symbol of hatred in this app.

This is the Hater app, which can be downloaded from Apple iTune and Google Display store freely and it makes two people friend on the basis of their common hatred or dislike. The American engineer, Brendon Elper has prepared this app.

Brendon said that Hatred is the result of his sense of humor and he prepared it on the basis of ever increasing hatred in America so that people carry on their love even on the basis of their common dislike or hatred. This app is also a protest against the policies and decision of the American president because Donald Trump is highlighted as the symbol of hatred in it.

The engineer thinks that hatred is also important part of life like other feelings and passions. But most of the time, we hide it from others so that they can be looked well before others. He says that this app shows the true feelings of any person and two persons can understand each other by using it and the friendship or love can be established on the true foundations among them.



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