Dubai Introduces Ambulance for Women


If a woman faces the problem, then the women should bring the ambulance for them. The women ambulance service has been introduced for the women so that it can help them to reach to the hospital easily.

Under this service, four women with pink color dresses, will be available to help their sisters and they will take them to the hospital or home while two women drivers will also be presence in the ambulance all the time. This service is introduced for the women to provide them treatment and also the mental satisfaction so that they can get good medical facilities and also better medical service.

The emergency medical technician (EMT), Bashir Al Reem says about the women ambulance service when a patient demands the ambulance service in the Arab Muslim Society then it demands the comfortable environment and the secrecy. The pilot project is started to provide the more comfortable and secret environment. The government also started the ‘Ladies and family pink taxi service about ten years before which aimed to provide the better facilities of transport of the children and women. This service got popular among the public and most of the people are getting its benefits.



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