Everything You Know About LG G5’s Magic Slot


LG is going to release their wonderful handset in the market in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and this product can bring the revolution in the silent mobile phone industry. The administration of the company declares it as the theme park in the pocket of the client. This handset is the magic slot of LG and it is provided with LG G5.

What is the Magic Slot?

The South Korean company has designed this handset and it is prepared in curved plastic design and has the metal body. This handset is prepared with some improvement this handset is blended on the front and back side.

They are thinking over the wonderful and innovative designs of this flagship handset. This handset is added with non-removable sealed battery and the designers of LG have prepared this modular design to keep it the swappable accessories and components and it is called as Magic Slot.

The handset of LG is featured with magic slot and it can be replaced with other LG-made and third party compartments. It is added with the specialist accessories and it can be used to boost it for the photography experience, audio quality and battery life. When the users want to unlock it or remove the bottom compartment, they can find the lock button at bottom of left side of the handset. They need to press button and lose the cap at bottom and provide access to compartment. The users can find the detailed coverage to know more about G5 head.

Removable Battery

When the users use the sliding bottom cap and they can have access to removable battery and they can snap the battery by taking off from bottom cap. It can be removed in certain way and it also makes the click sound. LG has to use reliable method to prevent battery or use the bottom cap and not let it to loose and it can cause unintentional and unnecessary power off the bottom cap.

On the credit of LG, it has wonderful design and the phone uses the solid and its module is attached to the mobile phone. The users can remove the battery and they need to place it on the charged stead. This handset is powered with 2800 mAh and it can be removed with metal body and it can give advantage to G5 over other smart phones in the market.

LG Cam Plus

This handset is added with removable battery, which was cool feature and the users should like to use its other functions. It is added with camera grip, which is called LG Cam Plus and it can be replaced with the standard bottom compartment.

This handset is powered with 1200 mAh battery and it is also added with other 4000 mAh battery. This mobile phone has grip for camera to make photos on this LG G5 and the users can also use the manual controls of hardware shutter release with digital zoom dial and it has video recording button and camera toggle. This handset is added with mic on module.

Bang & Olufsen LG Hi-Fi Plus

LG has added the audio module to use audiophiles and it is teamed with Bang & Olufsen and it is well known name in music industry and Korean company has created this module in this handset. It is made available in H3 B&O headset.

The people, who love music, they can enjoy with it and they will like to use dedicated audio accessory. This handset is added with audio cap, with 32 bit DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) and it is used to listen music with the pair of headphones, which is wonderful experience for the users.

What’s More

LG has developed the module in this handset and the third party developers encourage the development of their modules and they are added with useful accessories to use with the magic slot. This handset will be released in the market very soon. When it will come in the market, then various other features along with module will be shown with the price of the handset. When this handset will be released in the market across the world, third party developers will show various information about the module, which is added in this handset.








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