Face Detection Technology in Samsung New Coming Handsets


Seoul, Samsung is the leader of mobile phone industry and it has revealed various new technologies in its handsets. Now this company introduces the face detection technology in its new coming mobile phones. Samsung will release its two new handsets in the market with the names of ‘Galaxy S8’ and ‘Galaxy S8 Plus’ and both the handsets are added with face detection technology, which will help the smart phone to become unlock after watching the face of their owners.

The officials of Samsung were working on the introduction of any new technology as they consider that the finger print technology is becoming obsolete.  They were working on the discovery of any new technology to make their handset unique and wonderful. The critics also said that the smart phones can be added with face detection technology along with technology to identify the users through the pupil of their eyes. The company can also use both technologies in order to maintain better technology.

It was also revealed that the fastest face detection technology was prepared to use in the ‘Galaxy S8’ smart phone and it can recognize the face in 100th fraction of a second. As soon as it watches the face of the user, it will unlock and the users will not have to wait for its unlocking. It is very early to say that the face detection technology will be safer than the finger prints technology because every person has varied finger prints from other human beings all over the world. But the face detection technology can have the problem to differentiate the faces of the twins and transformed people.


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