Facebook app for watching its videos on TV


Now, the users of Facebook can enjoy their videos on bigger screen as an app has been launched by the company especially to work on smart TVs.

On Tuesday, it was told by Facebook in a blogspot that the app will soon be available through app stores of Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Samsung Smart TV.

It is also told in the blogspot that users can watch videos on their timeline and also view their news feed simultaneously.

The sound changes if someone roll the videos in the news feed. Previously, videos were available without voice in news food and one can hear the sound by tapping on the video.

Last month, a famous newspaper reported that Facebook is creating an app after which the company will be able to present video advertisements and live videos.

This month, Facebook CE Mark Zuckerberg said in a post that the company is investing in video and other such things after which it is expecting a progress in its hiring.

Facebook Live is the video product of Facebook similar to broadcast TV and the company expanded this service last year.



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