Facebook Messenger to Introduce Same Encryption As WhatsApp


Facebook Messenger is now going to use the feature of end-to-end encryption soon after its introduction at instant messaging app Whatsapp.

When will End-to-end Encryption Roll Out for Facebook Messenger?

According to Facebook sources, total 900 million users will soon get the end-to-end encryption feature. But Facebook will ask its customers to use the new encryption service or not instead of forcing it on them.

Benefits for the Public

For those users who don’t want their messages to be read by service providers and authorities, encryption is necessary. It is especially important to enhance your security measure when security exploits are common on internet and also easily available.

Through this function, Facebook will also not be able to disclose the content to any outside source which is better for the company.

End-to-end Encryption to Become More Common

Senior Director at Encryption company Echoworx, Jacob Ginsberg, says that larger companies are taking more action to protect private rights of people as compared to smaller companies.

He said larger companies of IT technology are taking it more seriously to the private communication rights of people. It is a major step of Facebook to secure the data of its users.

He thinks that it is mainly responsibility of Google and Facebook to educate people about the wrong behavior of law enforcement agencies to weak technology privacy measures and they are using national security to spy the conversations of people.

He added that it’s better to find a new solution to handle important information due to increase in email threats. The use of encryption by Whatsapp, Google and now Facebook is important to educate people about wrong attempts of law enforcement agencies and to reduce the privacy of internet communication.

Whatsapp stated to use end-to-end encryption in April 2016.


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