Fastest USB Flash Drive in The World by SanDisk


Recently at CES, we have seen lots of innovations in the smaller USB. Kingston released its ultra high capacity 2 TB thumb drive previously and now another high capacity USB has been introduced also with good speed.

256 GB is not the largest storage provided by Extreme PRO USB 3.1 Solid Flash Drive by SanDisk but its performance of 420 MB/s and 380 MB/s for real time read and write respectively for SSD level is first of its kind.

Can Transfer 4K Movies in Under 15 Seconds

Kingston claims that an entire 4K movie can be transferred in less than 15 seconds through a USB 3.1 port with this speed.

Secure Access software by SanDisk is also supported by this USB that provides password protection and 128-bit encryption of files. When the USB is not in use, its metal design can conceal the port.

With 256 GB of storage, the price of this USB is $180. For just $80, you can get its 128 GB version.

One of The Fastest Memory Cards in The Market

Apart from that, the Uktra MicroSDXC UHS-I card is also launched by the company which is also one of the fastest available currently.

The 256 GB card provides read and write input-outpur access per second (IOPS) of 1500 and 500 respectively along with the transfer speed of up to 95 MB/s.

Through this device, the speed of the apps installed on memory card will increase similar to the apps installed on the phone. $200 will be the cost of this card that will launch in the end of this month.



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