Find stolen Iphone with Google


Google will soon include a new feature in its service through which iPhone customers can also find their displaced phones through Google.

If the feature of “location” is active and internet is running on Android phone then you can not only find the location of your phone through Google but you can also delete your personal data from phone and ring the tone of phone.

Apart from Android, now Google will include this facility for iPhone also. But adding iPhone to your Google account, the iPhone customers can find the current location of their displaced iPhone. But you can only find the loacation of your phone as Google can’t ring the tone or delete the data from iPhone as it lacks complete control over iPhone.

“Find my iPhone” is a similar service provided by Apple for iPhone customers but they can use the service of Google as an additional facility. This service also makes it possible for you to delete your Gmail account form iPhone in order to protect your Gmail data from any thief.

After few days, you will be able to use this facility after which you can visit the “My Account” page of Google and then include iPhone in your Google account.


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