First Personal Hybrid Electric Octocopter


The latest technology has created the convenience in different fields of life and the new vehicles are being introduced, which can fly and they can take the people out, who are stuck in the traffic rush. The American company has prepared the first personal hybrid electric octocopter and the users can buy this octocopter in 2019 with the amount of only 2 lac dollars.

According to the company, Shiver Fly octocopter is the first personal helicopter, which has the capacity of two people and it has the capacity to fly with the speed 70 miles per house and it can fly up to 70 miles distance and it flies with the gasoline engine. You can charge this helicopter for one hour and after that you can fly for one hour.

This helicopter looks in unique design and 8 wings are added in this helicopter and it can be parked at any where quite easily. The first personal hybrid electric octocopter of the world will be presented for the exhibition in Las Vegas next year. This copter was showcased in a Paris air show this year.


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