Flop iPhone Loss of $446 Billion to Apple in 3 Months


Apple is the leading smart phone making company, which has faced heavy loss of billions dollars in just three months as the tech conglomerate capital stock has faced the loss of significant value. The company has faced the total reduction in the market capitalization and it is about $452 billion and it is also added with tens of billions of dollar, which the company faces this Thursday.

The stock was fallen by 39.1 and it brought market cap as low as $674 billion and the total losses are over the individual value of 496 members of S&P 500 including the facebook. Flop iPhone Loss of $446 Billion to Apple in 3 Months.

There are four other members, which have higher market caps that the recent loss of Apple and these companies are Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon and Berkshire Hathaway. Now Apple has written the warning letters to the investors in order to prepare for the ‘biggest miss in years’. The company took the criticism from the Wall Street, and one of the analysts said that the share decline of Apple can raise more questions than the answers.

To put the things in the perspective, the loss of Apple is compared to other companies and their financial outlooks. There is $446 billion loss is more than three times the size of McDonald and more than five times of the size of Costco. Now the company is losing its share value and the stock of Apple on Thursday were closed at $142.19 per share at 10% lower rates.



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