Future iPhones will keep record of Fingerprints & Photos of Thieves


Apple is the leading mobile phone manufacturing company and it is working on the anti-theft measures and it will record the fingerprints and snap photos of the phone thief.

Patent filed by Apple

Apple has provided the details of the security mechanism at the time of getting patent the application. The mechanism will be made available in the smart phones, iPhone and iPad devices and the details of the application show that the phone will record the biometric information of the person, who use the phone at triggered moment through their Touch ID button.

How it could work

When any one tries to bypass the security of the phone or he got the unauthorized access through the phone through the third party device, then it could work in the trigger conditions. The app records the information either by one or multiple fingerprints and they can record one or more photographs of the thief or video recording of thief and audio of surrounding environment. The detail of the patent are provided with the computing device provide the stored biometric information for the identification of the unauthorized users.

The users should keep in mind that it is not easy to set up the simple triggers in iOS and there are some technical problems in the implementation of this system.

Problems with the system

The handset is added with the TouchID, which require pressing the finger many times on the sensor to get it registered. The sensor of finger prints can recognize the part of the fingerprints in one go and they have to press the finger in different angles. The thief has to press the finger on the home button of the smart phone and he will like to unlock the device.

If Apple implements better fingerprint sensors then it can be fixed in future to improve the Touch ID system. They have to take the photos or record the videos, which needs to be implemented.

This won’t be much of a problem considering that there are already apps like Lookout which do that.

Legal and Privacy Issues

The new app raises the privacy and security issues about this new system. If your iPhone takes the photos and record and save the fingerprints of the thief in the database of the company, it can also record your database as well. It is also said that the information can also store in the servers.

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook used the record of the company on the privacy and its stance that the unencrypted information will not be stored to the products and services of Apple. Various new anti-theft measures have been taken and these features will not be provided in the smart phones, like iPhone and igadgets at any time.


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