Super Mario Run for Android Coming Soon

The mobile phone game, Super Mario Run was released for the iOS and it got tremendous popularity and it is set to be brought on the Android. The users could not download the game from ... Continue Reading →

PC Gaming Industry Earning in 2016 $36 Billion

PC gaming industry earned about $36 billion in 2016 and it was the great trend before the introduction of the gaming consoles like Xbox One and PS 4. The use of the PCs for the gaming ... Continue Reading →

Mobile App for Past Super Hit Game Super Mario Run

New York, earlier the people went to the shops to play the ‘Super Mario Run’ game and now these people should be ready that they can play this game on their own mobile phones. The ... Continue Reading →

Pokemon Go Officially Available in Pakistan

Since many months, ‘Pokemon Go’ is among the trending apps’ list while it is available in many countries apart from Pakistan. But now, this game is officially available in Pakistan ... Continue Reading →

Over 100,000 Accidents in USA Due to Pokemon Go

Experts have warned the American users not to play ‘Pokemon Go’ while driving because it caused more than 110,000 accidents in USA in which few proved fatal. According to a research ... Continue Reading →
Gaming PC

Lenovo Gen Gaming PC All-in-One

There are different gaming PCs and they are the best looking things, which the users need to buy now and Lenovo is the company, which is providing the newest gaming PCs and they are ... Continue Reading →
Battlefield 1

Trailer of New Videogame Battlefield 1 Releases

New thrilling trailer of adventure-packed video game “Battlefield 1” has been released. In this videogame, prepared collectively by Swedish videogame developers DICE and American ... Continue Reading →

5 Best Android Games of 2016

Every year, we see many new and different mobile games and it also happened this year. You can get a game suited for you whether you play game more or less. Blow here, you can see the ... Continue Reading →
Anushka Poke Man

Anushka Sharma Fond of ‘Poki Moon Go’ Game

The new mobile game, ‘Pokemon Go’ has been released and it became the most favorite game of the children. There are huge number of children, who want to play this virtual reality ... Continue Reading →

Watch Trailer of Video Game Call of Duty Introduced Now

The trailer of the new video game has been introduced. The new part of the game, ‘Call of Duty’ has been introduced and the action filled video game, ‘Call of Duty’ has been ... Continue Reading →
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