Go Keyboard App is Spying On Android User


Go Keyboard App

Go Keyboard App

There are two versions of this app on Google play.

And 200 million people are using the two of versions. GO keyboard- Emoji keyboard, swipe input, gifs and users have given them 4.5 stars; and similarly named GO keyboard-Emoticon keyboard, free theme, GIF has a rating of 4.4 stars.

The security researchers have discovered that these apps produced by the Chinese developers GOMO Dev team, was sending the personal data of the users back to the remote servers. It was also as “using a prohibited technique to download dangerous executables code”.

Prohibited By Google

Downloading executable codes like, dex files or native code from other source than Google is not allowed, According to Google policies. According to the security researchers, the same thing GO keyboard was doing.

“ without explicit user consent”, the GO keyboard sends your information back to its server your Google account, location, network type, screen size, android version that you are using, device model and many other things, said Adguard.

We Will Never Collect Your Personal Info

In the app description on Google play the developers clearly said that they won t collects any personal information,

We will never collect your personal info including credit card information. In fact, we care for privacy of what you type and who you type!

And they do totally opposite to what they have written.

According to Adguard the application shares your data right after the installation and communicates with dozens of tracking server and can easily access to your sensitive data.

Common Practice

Actually the scariest thing is that most of the modern apps send your private data to their servers. Adguard adds that this is now common in the modern apps even though they are going against the Google play policies.


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