Google Introduces Android Auto in Pakistan


In-car entertainment or infotainment systems are very poorly designed, with dull sound and mostly unresponsive all across the world.

Due to this reason, Apple and Google have now introduced their own car entertainment systems that work alongside your smartphone. Apple has CarPlay while such system of Google is named Android Auto. Till now, you could only use these systems by purchasing either a supported car or a stereo. But now Google has left behind Apple in this matter.

If you don’t have the car that supports Android Auto then Google has now provided an update to the Android Auto App through which your phone can be converted in to car entertainment system. Now there is no need for any external gadget as the new version of Android Auto runs on your Android smartphone completely.

Google Introduces Android Auto in Pakistan

This system is very easy to use while driving. The navigation is made much easier by enlargement of home and back buttons and it also limits the number of notification alerts. It is also possible to make the app read your text messages and then reply by using your voice. According to Google, more than 500 apps are available with interface of Android Auto including Google Play Music, Spotify, WhatsApp and others.

If your car supports Bluetooth then you can also launch Android Auto automatically with your soon after using Bluetooth to connect system of your car.

But there is a problem. Pakistan is not among those 30 countries where Android Auto is available. But you can use it here by doing some trick.

Following is the way to use Android Auto in Pakistan.

Go to Settings > Security and check “Unknown sources” if it not already enabled.

  1. Download the apk file for Android Auto on your phone.
  2. Tap on the downloaded file and hit “Install”.

But it should be remembered that this update can only work with Android Lollipop and upgraded operating systems. You also have to check your phone in order to select the right version of this phone.


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