Google Introduces Chat Service


California, Google has decided to introduce the chat service to the users against the WhatsApp and iMessage of Apple. According to international news agency, Google is going to introduce the text message service for Android phone. The ‘chat’ service of Google will work as the traditional SMS. However, after reading the message like WhatsApp, the sender will be informed, similarly, the response giving person will type the answer and it will be informed to the message sender.

The high resolution pictures and group chat will also be sent in the chat service of Google. However, if the message receiver will not be using the chat service option of Google then this message will be converted into simple text message. The internet data will be used to send and receive the message. However, Google did not announce the date to introduce this option.

According to the experts, the launching of chat feature instead of messaging application is bringing in the field with the new strategy to compete with rivals in the market in meaningful way, which the Google users will use it on the android phones. Similarly, the users of Google chat will get the attention of the users of WhatsApp, iMessage and facebook messangers and they will create the atmosphere of competition and Google will get the assistance of RCS for this feature.


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