Google is to Visit Pakistani Universities


Google is the leading internet server, which is providing its facilities to the users and now it became the first server, which will pay the visit to the Pakistani universities for the first time. Google will inspire the students, who take interest in designing and developing the content for their website.

Google has issued complete schedule to pay the visit to the universities of Pakistan in which they will pay the visit to Institute of Business Administration on 30 August. Their tour will be ended on 09 September after their visit to University of Engineering and Technology Lahore. Google will visit the 9 universities of Pakistan in these 11 days.

The main purpose for the visit of the universities to take the initiatives to encourage the small developers, designers, bloggers and help the people, who want to make money from the apps and websites. In this event, Google will introduce the monetization products like Google Adsense and Google AdMob.

When the Google team will visit the universities, they will deliver their lectures and the main speakers will be Waqas Burey manager (Web), Strategic Online partnerships and Ahmed Nawaz Manager (Apps), Strategic Online Partnerships.

The event will be conducted in the universities and it will help the students, who take the interest in making their career in web designing and app developing.

The students can be registered through the events page to attend the event and the Google team has made plan to visit the multiple universities in various cities like Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Topi and Gujrat.


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