Google Launches Allo Messenger for chatting


Despite great progress, Google is behind in the race of messenger and now Google will soon present ‘Allo’ to overcome this deficiency.

‘Allo’ is the French name for ‘Hello’ and it is the name given by Google to its messenger. According to Google team, this messenger is presented to compete against V-Chat, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The reason to launch this messenger is that smartphone holders average messaging 23 hours in a week.

According to Google, the options of sticker, emoji and transforming text will be included in ‘Allo’. You will be able to change font size of text through click by using ‘transforming text’. Like Facebook and V-Chat, the option of chatting computer program “bots” will also be available in ‘Allo’.

The bots of ‘Allo’ will try to provide automatic information through Google after understanding the text. For example, if you want to know the score of a match then ‘Allo’ will provide you latest situation of that match. Apart from that, the facility of Google search, maps, YouTube and Translation will also be provided.



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