Google New Pixel Phone Comparing to iPhone 7


San Francisco, Google has announced to introduce the two smart phones next month, which will be pixel phones and they will be introduced in comparison to iPhone 7. Google has released the teaser and now the smart phones like Pixel and Pixel XL will be introduced in the market. According to the technical analysts of the critics, the smart phones will be released in comparison to iPhone 7 and 7+. They have set the name of this invention the last month.

Google did not release the detail of this smart phone but they have shown the square box, which is changed into outline of the smart phone and said that it is nothing, which you like to love and it is going to be released on 04 October.

The Taiwan based company, HTC has prepared this smart phone and it also prepared the Google tab, ‘Nexus’ in 2010. The website, Android Police, which keeps an eye on Android phone, says that both the Pixel sets have the screen size of five inches each and it has the code name, Selfish and the XL version having 5½ inches is being introduced with the name of Marlin. The prices of both the smart phones have not been traced yet. Google will also present the home smart speaker and the virtual reality viewer tool, which is given the name of day dream view.



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