Google Popular Times Real-Time Info On How Busy A Place Is


If you want to visit a place then peak hours in that particular place are available through a feature ‘Popular Times’ that was launched by Google last year. Now, real time information will be provided by Google through a new feature.

Through this feature, you can decide the time to go at a place before planning it with your family or friends after knowing the time of crowd at that place.

Updated Features

Another feature by Google will show the time of staying of people at a place while the company has decided to add this feature soon.

Apart from that, you can know about timings of different businesses and services through a new feature by Google. We can say that there is a shop inside railway station but the timing of the shop can be different as compared to that of the railway station. The feature ‘Popular Times’ will also handle this issue.

Few reports say that privacy protected information from smartphone holders are used by Google through which it estimates the number of people present at a particular place in a specific time.

Change in Interface

In order to contain new features, few changes are made in the interface. Now the normal search is replaced with the ‘live’ look to know about the crowding of the given places.

Future Advancements

Google is improving its services by gathering various types of information. Questions are asked from users about a place when the company knows about their presence on that place. They also make your profile by asking you about the places you visit.

This information provides important factors about the liking, preferences and taste of a person. Later, this information is used by the company to tell about the places that could be liked by the users.

A source told that it will take just one week for Google to introduce these updates.


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