Google Set to Replace Adobe Flash With HTML5


Google has already made it clear that Adobe Flash Player is going to be replaced with HTML5. The users use the adobe flash player as software to watch the online videos and it has played the important role in adopting the gaming, video and animals on the internet. But this software is becoming old and now it is replaced with the new software, HTML5.

Google has made it clear in its blog that the Chrome 53 web browser will stop Flash from the coming month and now HTML5 is going to take its position as it has faster speed of page load and  it provides better security. It also consumes lower power as compared to the Flash and now people are going to switch with the HTML5.

The technical giant, Google made another move and provide the flash content on click to play on the Chrome 42 and it provides the faster load times and has short power consumption. It has made the plan to curtail the flash use and it has mentioned to make HTML5 the default experience in Chrome 55 for entire sites to get the support for HTML5 instead of Flash.

Google further added that there was time when Flash helped to make the web dynamic and rich experience and it set the modern set of standards. They continued working with it to get the web experience as fast and safe as it was possible to get the web transition of HTML5.


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