Google Video Calling App Google Duo got Success


Soon after its release, Google’s new video calling app “Google Duo” has achieved huge success as in less than 7 days, it has been downloaded in more than 50 million tablets and smartphones.

The app was introduced on August 15 and it is available for both iPhone and Android. It provides quick and easy high quality video calling facility and the interface of Google Duo is kept quit3e simple for this reason. It only requires your phone number once it is installed. This app provides video calling between two people. It can be installed in both smartphone and modern tablet while its default video quality is 720p.

It is designed only for video calling between two persons due to which it has no facility of conference call but you can use it on basic internet connection also. Through its feature of “Knock Knock”, you can choose to receive or abandon a call by looking at the face of the caller.

Its video quality decreases automatically if internet connection slows down in order to continue the call once it starts. But you can’t close the video of his call.

Athirst person can’t know about the conversation of two people of this service through internet due to best encryption quality used in this Google Duo. You can download this app from Google PlayStore without any cost.


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