Here’s A Video Of Samsung Galaxy S20 Teardown


The Samsung has released its flagship series Galaxy S21 recently. Right after few day of launch a teardown of the mobile is made that showed the smartphone was not much different internally as compared to previously launched Galaxy S20.

The teardown shows that the panel is completely made up of plastic, here you can see the phone internally.

The teardown unit has two mmWave 5G antennas on the left and right sides of the phone. The previous phone Galaxy S20 only came with Verizon. In this device, the Samsung has featured removable ribbon cables which are a positive change. As compared to previous devices, this helps in easy replacement of the display.

On moving towards the battery and selfie camera we see that both are fixed in the phone and battery has no pull tabs as well that makes removal more difficult than before. This change is started from Galaxy Z Flip.

The complete teardown video is given below:


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