Huawei Works with Aptoide Replacing Google Play Store


Huawei is Working with Aptoide to Replace the Google Play Store

Google has stopped working with Huawei on its different services and this Chinese tech giant has taken the big hit after being blacklisted by American government. Now Huawei was forced to stop the business with the Americans. Huawei Works with Aptoide Replacing Google Play Store.

Huawei was getting prepared for the potential blacklisting for 6 years and now the company has developed its own OS and now it is working with Aptoide to replace Google Play Store on the devices of Huawei. The CEO of Aptoide has confirmed this news and he claims that nothing is finalized yet. The Aptoide is the Portuguese company and the ban cannot affect their business.

Huawei has also maintained its own app store and it is called Huawei App Gallery. It is not cleared yet where Huawei will implement Aptoide into the existing app store or it will provide it as separate app.

Huawei App Gallery has smaller app base, when you compare it with Aptoide and it has over 900,000 Android apps. It is cleared that Huawei has big plans to works.



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