INOVI Officially Launches Xperia Smart phones in Pakistan


An announcement has been made by INOVI that in Pakistan, it will launch a series of Xperia Smartphones soon. It should be reminded that Sony has made INOVI its official distributor of smartphones in Pakistan.

This step will make the Xperia smartphones to be available in Pakistan with Sony’s own accessories and official warranty.

Inovi told that in the fast growing cellular market of Pakistan, the company will now provide the smartphones of Xperia series including E3 Dual, M2 Dual, M2 Aqua, C3 Dual, Z3 Compact and Z3.

These products will provide new experiences of better and exciting communication along with the waterproof capabilities.

These smartphones will provide a one-year warranty from the company while the latest LTE technology will also be supported due to the modern modification in these devices.

There is presence of smart Ultra High Definition Sony technology along with video recording o 20.7MP 4k camera that will provide a cinematic result to user due to its four times more output as compared to Full HD 1080p image.

NFC technology is also installed in the handset that will establish radio communication with the nearby devices while you can also enjoy on the move music with a Walkman.

These devices will provide you a superb underwater selfie experience as these smrtphones are according to the IP65 and IP68 standards.

The IP rating also made it necessary for the company to give one year warranty for the hardware and software parts of these samrtphones.

Sony Xperia Mobiles 2014

Sony Xperia Mobiles 2014

Xperia Mobiles Prices in Pakistan

The official prices of Xperia devices in Pakistan are mentioned below:

  1. Xperia Z3 Dual (Z3 D6633): Rs. 72,000
  2. Xperia Z3 Compact : Rs. 58,000
  3. Xperia C3 Dual : Rs. 30,000
  4. Xperia M2 Dual : Rs. 28,000
  5. Xperia M2 Aqua (D2403): Rs. 31,500
  6. Xperia E3 Dual : Rs. 20,000

It should be noted that all the ‘dual phones’ in this xperia series comes with the capability of dual-SIM.


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