iPhone 6S & 6S Plus actual prices in Pakistan


The clients can get the good and pleasing news as the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are provided in the market. Apple has launched these smart phones in the market of Pakistan at the same time, and the clients can get it from the mobile phone operators and distributors of the smart phones.

iPhone 6S & 6S Plus

iPhone 6S & 6S Plus

Apple has done the partnerships with all local telecom operators, which help in launching the smart phone in the country and the company has started accepting the pre-orders of the smart phone. The shipping of the handsets in the market will be started from 13 November.

All these smart phones are provided in the country with the official warranties of one year. The telecom operators will launch these handsets in the market as factory unlocked and these handsets can be used on the local networks. Both these smart phones, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are provided in the market, which are given as under:

  • iPhone 6S:
    • 16 GB for Rs.93,724.00
    • 64 GB for Rs.107,524.00
    • 128 GB for Rs.121,324.00
  • iPhone 6S Plus:
    • 16 GB for Rs.107,524.00
    • 64 GB for Rs.121,324.00
    • 128 GB for Rs.135,124.00

Apple launches these smart phones in the Pakistani market, which are expensive and their prices are too higher than other smart phones in the market. It is said that those smart phones are launched in the market without warranty and people will not like it or they can prefer it to get such expensive smart phone in the market.

The customers can image the rate of the cheapest iPhone 6S in US, which is $650, and it is about 68.5 thousands, if one dollar converts at the exchange rate of Rs.105. If some taxes are added with the smart phone, which are applicable in Pakistan and US, then the cost of the smart phones comes to Rs.80 thousands and this smart phone will be provided in the market for Rs.93.5 thousands.

iPones are launched in the open market at the cheaper rates, as iPhone 6S is provided for 77 thousands for 16 GB model and the iPhone 6S Plus is provided in the market for 97 thousands for 16 GB model. These smart phones are provided to the clients in the open market as well as in the online retail outlet.

Most of the clients will think that these smart phones are provided for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus and these smart phones have some changes in their internals like GPU, cameras, processor and RAM. Now these are provided in the new handsets in the better shape in the new versions.


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