iPhone 8 Facial Recognition Feature


iPhone 8

iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8 will just in just few months and it is expected to be available with several new and exciting features. But one of the most important features in the upcoming iPhone is not a new feature but an already existed feature that is just improved by Apple.

Reports say that iPhone 8 will be able to unlock after facial recognition and it is the best feature in the upcoming smartphone.

The facial recognition feature is not a new one but the 3D facial recognition feature in iPhone 8 is different from others as it takes ‘millionth of a second’ to recognize its owner.

Since past few months, there were rumors about presence of such technology in the device and now it has been confirmed with the online leak of iPhone code.

But there are worries about the perfect execution of this technology as weaknesses were found in such technologies in the past.

But the recent reports claim that this latest technology in iPhone 8 is not only super fast but also completely secure while recognizing face of its owner due to 3D sensors.

There are also reports that the upcoming device can also recognize the face in dark due to its feature of infrared sensor that will enable the user to unlock the iPhone 8 even in the dark. The device can also detect face of its owner even if it is lying on the table.

The improvement in this face recognition feature can make the company to sell the phone by using this single special feature. This feature is also important due to the bezel-less design of iPhone 8 due to which there is no place for fingerprint sensors.


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