iPhone Accessory Designed That Tells You Monitored


The people should not be worried that government is monitoring them as the new phone accessory is introduced, which is prepared with the courtesy of Edward Snowden. The accessory has been designed for the smart iPhone and it can be attached to the back of the phone and it will inform the users that their phone is under surveillance.

This accessory is prepared with the collaboration of hacker, Andrew Huang, which is the amazing product and it is used to target the journalists and rights workers. This smart phone is provided in the market with mono color small display and has its own battery. It has wires, which can help to reach SIM card slot, which is attached with test points on circuit board and it can track the signals, which are sent to the antenna of phone with SIM card, which is added on the new slot present in the case.

The SIM card slot is present in iPhone and it is added with two antennas, which are added with radio, Bluetooth and GPS. It can also detect the antennas to send the data by triggering the alarm, turning the off automatically and send the alert messages.

There is better solution, which is placed by turning the airplane mode and they are very delicate and they also allow the users to record their video and audio with the radio signals to turn them off. The prototype is said to be launched next year and it will be covered with journalists and this is the most unexpected thing, which we use to watch them all year.


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