Keep your laptop cool with these 5 tricks


In summer season, your laptop tends to create problems when you are playing a game or watching a movie. It is the sign that the laptop is getting hot and you need to cool the device.

This situation is not ideal for your gadget. Lots of material is packed in a small space of notebook which results in either overheating of these devices or they run at sub optimal capacity. Laptop manufacturers add heat ventilation and few fans in order to solve this problem. But these things not provide enough benefit due to scorching heat of Pakistan.

Following are few tips through which you can protect your laptop from overheating by keeping it cool.

No Uneven Surface

Don’t go on their name as laptops should never be put on laps during their usage as this will retain the heat inside by blocking the air ventilation. You can only put the device on your lap by either using a laptop stand or place something flat underneath it.

But the best option is to place the laptop on some flat and hard surface.

Cooling Pad or Fan

If the problems remains even with flat surface then you should buy a cooling pad. You can also have an option to make a DIY laptop cooling pad by viewing guide on YouTube if you are short of money or want to do some experiment. You can also reduce the problem by placing a running pedestal fan near your laptop.

Clean it Completely

Dust is the worst enemy of electronic products. If this dust approaches inside of your laptop then it can block the airflow by reaching fans and ventilation of laptop. You should clean your laptop with a laptop service person at least once in two months.

You can also do it yourself by using a hairdryer.

Check & Adjust Settings

Laptop temperature can also be lowered by reducing workload on your computer. Your performance of notebook decreases with power saver option which can reduce heat issues. You can do so by lowering your screen brightness, closing heavy apps and unplug unnecessary USB devices.

Leave it Idle

Giving a rest to your laptop also helps it to cool down. You should not turn it off and on frequently and if you turned it on for a short purpose even then let it remain open for a while instead of shutting it down immediately.


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