Learn 5 Useful features in WhatsApp




WhatsApp has produced various things easy in our daily life. It brings contact with the friends, talk with them and share the happiness and worries with them in easy and quick manner. Most of the people do not know what sort of useful and important features present in WhatsApp and they are unable to use them for their benefit.

Star on Message

The email users will find this star in their email account. This feature is used to star the important messages so that they can find them easily. WhatsApp also offers this feature of star to note the important messages and the WhatsApp running on Apple iOS will find the ‘star tab’. The andrroide users will also find this app on the menu, when they press the menu button and they will get the facility to star the messages.

Who are best friends?

In the language of social media, the best friends are those, who remain in contact with you for long time and they also share their things. If you want to know, who is your best friend in WhatsApp, it is easy for the users of iPhone as they have to go to the settings and move on the data and storage use and they will finally reach to the storage use. They will also find the list, which is managed on the basis of data share basis and it will be given to your friends, who remain in contact with you. They will find the top users in the list and the toppers of the list will be your best friends on WhatsApp. You will press the finger on the name of the contact to get further detail of the data transfer.

In you have installed the WhatsApp on the Android phone, then you will have to open the WhatsApp and get the setting, then chat and reach in the chat history. Finally, you will reach in the section of email chat and the remaining stages are those, which are given in the iPhone.

Avoid store pictures and videos

Some people get shared their pictures and video with the use of WhatsApp and it can create problems for them. The memory of the some smart phones is limited and if you save the pictures and videos in it, then the memory of the handset can be expired. The android phone users will have to delete the unnecessary pictures and videos but the WhatsApp users can change the default setting of the iPhone version of WhatsApp and it does not allow the coming images and videos to save in the smart phone. They can change the feature of setting, chats and after that off the ‘save incoming media’.

Off the Chat on WhatsApp

WhatsApp gets connected with internet for about 40 hours and the sound of the unusual WhatsApp can disturb you. This sound is not muted after closing the sound of the messages. If you are disturbed with it then you should launch the WhatsApp on your phone and press the finger for one second on the contact or group name and the floating menu will be appeared. It will be added with the option of ‘mute’ on the chat or exchange of ideas. You can use it and mute the notification tone of individual or group chat from 8 hours to one year.

Export chat history

Some users like to save the chat, which they did with their best friends many years before and they want to keep it safe for long time. But the memory of their smart phone does not allow them to save them for long time. They can solve their issue by exporting the chat history. They can save the special chat history as an email in your personal email account. The android users can reach in the contact or group chat and click on the ‘More’ and ‘Email Chat’ and after some time the copy of your chat will reach in the email account and will be saved there.

The iPhone users will have to cover some more stages and they will search for the thread or comments series, which they want to export. Then they will have to press the name of the special contact and bring the detail of that contact and scroll down it to reach to the bottom area of that page. Then they will find the option of ‘export chat’ and they will select the thread/chat to export the email on the given email address. With the use of this option, the chat can be exported with or without media.



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