Lenovo Offers Pure Android Experience to Clients on its Phones


Lenovo is the mobile phone manufacturing company and it has provided the Android OS on the smart phones during the last few years. They prefer to get Huawei or Samsung route than Sony or Motorola one. It is clear that the company fell from its number one spot in the global smart phone shipments and it is looking for the new ways of doing the things. It is decided that its Vibe UI has to go to opt for much cleaner stock Android UI.

Clunky and Awkward

Vibe UI was not considered to be pinnacle of android and gives the clunky icons, non-intuitive user-interface and awkward colors. Its other brand, Motorola has continued to offer the nearly perfect stock Android on the phones with the only additions of few small apps and gestures.

Not an Easy Shift

Motorola has not been the successful manufacturer under Lenovo and it means that Chinese desktop and smart phone giants can find bit bother. The American brand has the pretty diverse lineup of the smart phones and it did not make it successful.

Chinese do not like Stock UI

There is another important factor that the brand of Lenovo has a wider appeal of stock Android to mean that it increases its chances of success and Chinese users prefer the custom skin.

The new coming smart phone, K8 Note of the company will be the first to come with stock Android, which is followed by other phones in the future. Lenovo will retain the custom features like Dolby Atmos and TheaterMax, which are not particular to the OS. The phones will be shipped with Android 7.1.1 Nougat and it will receive the update to Android O, when it comes out. The company claims the change will enable it to roll out faster OS updates and it will support the older smart phones for long period of time.


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