Microsoft Lumia 840. Lumia 940 and 940XL releases in 2015



Now the most awaited Microsoft Lumia flagships are approaching but contrary to the previous rumors, eh names of these smartphones are not Lumia 950 and 950XL. Instead, Microsoft has decided to continue the sequence of its existing Lumia 930 and the name of the new flagships will be Lumia 940 and 940XL.

Apart from that, Lumia 840 is also in the way according to the previously reports while it is expected to release before the end of this year and hopefully the flagships devices will release first. We could have lots of Microsoft devices in the end of this year if the flagships are released in November. Previously it was claimed by a source that the name of the new device is Lumia 850 but in reality it will be Lumia 840.

A very interesting news recently came that there will be on-screen buttons in the new Microsoft devices. Before that, all the Luminas have capacitive buttons in the bottom bazel while a poll conducted by NPL shows that 44% MS users are against the idea of on-screen buttons at the flagship devices of Microsoft and they support the usual buttons on these devices. But even then, there are more chances that all the three upcoming devices of Microsoft will have the feature of on-screen buttons.
Therefore, we are going to see lots of Microsoft devices at the end of current year while there are also rumors that three more Microsoft devices are also going to release soon.



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