Money Transfer through Mobicash Agent


  1. 1.       In order to avail this service, does the customer need to register?

For the sender or the receiver, there is no such requirement for registration.

  1. 2.       By whom a money transfer transaction can be made? Is it for the customers of Mobilink only?
Money Transfer through Mobicash Agent

Money Transfer through Mobicash Agent

A money transfer transaction and sending money to another person can be done by any person. Both the sender and receiver should hold a valid Nadra CNIC and active MSISDN is the only requirement, and while doing a sending or receiving transaction, to the Mobicash retailer the photocopies of their CNICs should be submitted. CNICs which are expired will not be accepted.

  1. 3.       To avail this service, does a customer need to have a mobile phone?

In order to avail the money transfer service, yes the sender and receiver both need to have an active and valid mobile number.

  1. 4.       If the CNIC of a customer is expired or his CNIC is lost, then what will be the procedure?

For expired or lost CNIC’s, the money transfer requests of sending and receiving both would not be entertained. It is required that only original and valid CNIC will be accepted.

  1. 5.       From where money transfers can be received or sent by a customer?

Any Mobilink franchise, business center or Mobicash retailer, a customer can approach for money transfer. By the original certificate from the licensing bank, placed at the shop, such retailers can be identified. From unauthorized merchants, for any service complaints, the Mobilink will not be responsible.

  1. 6.       The money transfer transaction takes how long? After the sender sends the money, how long the receiver does have to wait?

Instantly, the money transfer sending or receiving is done.

  1. 7.       After the transaction, will the customer get a receipt or any SMS notification?

At the time money is sent and collected, to the sender and the receiver the SMS notifications will be sent. With the sender and receiver CNICs and transaction detail, a stamped, signed transaction receipt to both sender and receiver will be provided by the Mobicash retailer, apart from the SMS notification. Without collecting the receipt for the money transfer, the customer must not leave the premises of Mobicash retailer.

  1. 8.       To receive a money transfer transaction, is there a time limit for a customer?

For claiming a money transfer, there is no time limit.

  1. 9.       If the customer forgets the transaction ID then what will be the procedure?

After the transaction, on the receipt that a merchant gives to the sender, the transaction ID is given. For verification, this receipt must be kept carefully by the customer. In addition, after verification and providing information, the customer may obtain the transaction ID by calling the help line, if he forgets his transaction ID.

  1. 10.   If the customer does not receive the confirmation message then what to do?

The phone numbers mentioned on the money transfer receipt should be ensured to be correct by the customer. In this case, the helpline should be called and the transaction status will be confirmed by the call center agent after verification.

  1. 11.   If a customer comes to collect the money through money transfer and the Mobicash retailer does not have cash then what to do?

A nearby Mobicash retailer should be contacted by the customer.

  1. 12.   For the customers, is there any limit in number of transactions or monthly limit?

On the number of transaction per month, there is no limit. Rs 15000, is the monthly limit for sending and receiving. Through a money transfer transaction, separately these limits will be applied to when a customer is sending money as well as when a customer is receiving money. For example, the sending limit of the customer for that month will be exhausted, if a sender sends Rs. 15,000. Any more money will not able to be send by that sender that month. However, when the receiver collects the Rs.15000, the receiver’s limits will be exhausted. In that month, he will not be able to receive more money.


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