My Zong App Introduces to iOS


Zong has introduced the ‘My Zong app’ and it was provided on the Android only. Now this app is also provided on iOS and it is designed for the Zong users only. The Android version received the upgrade to match it with the new iOS app. The new features of ‘My Zong’ app are provided as under:

  • Urdu language support
  • Manage your Zong Mobile Broadband device and activate packages for the device directly from the app
  • Activation of data packages
  • Activation of International roaming (IR) and IDD bundle

This app is provided to the users and it can allow them to check the ownership of the details of their SIM card and they can see that it is registered against their name or not. The users can check the prepaid balance and expiry details of the balance and they can check the package details for different class, data packages or text and activate the SIM through this app. The clients will also find this app with the ability to offer.

Check Usage Details

  • View Data Usage
  • View Voice Usage
  • View SMS Usage

It is added with Data Manager for the recommendation of data bundles on the basis of usage levels. If the clients do not want to get the video streaming services, which are provided for social media, or eat up the data limit, then it is perfect.



The clients can also check the usage history for:

  • Call history
  • SMS history
  • Internet history

The candidates can check the recharging of account, which is possible with My Zong app. The entertainment services are provided to the clients, which are added with:

  • Videos
  • Games

When the users want to contact with Zong to find their new offers or locations of the franchise, then this app is added with the features:

  • Find Us
    • Zong CSC Addresses Map
    • Zong Helpline Details
    • Zong Social Media (Facebook, Twitter & Chat)


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