New Exploit Defeats Pattern Locks


The research workers found the new exploit to allow anyone with the camera to hack the pattern code. It is the idea if you unlock your phone, which is being captured on the video and the hackers can gain the entry in their phone with the little difficulty.

They need to have the useful pattern locks and it is accurate enough to allow the access to the phone within five attempts to allow it in the Android and it had the success rate of about 90%. After the first try, most of the pattern locks are failed. The video of the pattern drawing is not required and most of the time, you can unlock your phones by the slight motion of your fingers.

The researchers of Lancaster University, University of Bath and Northwest University found it to work and the video recorder has to sit there within 9 meters of the person, who is carrying out the task of unlocking their phone if hacker has DSLR. The exploit works over the distance of about 2.5 meters with your phone camera.

In the crowd places like cafes and classrooms, the proximity is not an issue and the researchers found it more complex the code became the fewer the attempts it to take it to unlock the phone.

As the remedy of it, the users can hide their fingers when they unlock the devices or fiddle with the brightness, fool a recorder or screen color of the device. There are similar ways to get the entry in the phone, which are found for other security methods like pins and passwords.



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